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Executive Coaching is NOT for Everyone

Part 3 of The Six Truths of Executive Coaching

Chairs With Questions MarksWe here at rd&partners are surprised at the number of leaders unsure about who, exactly, are the best candidates in their organization for executive coaching!

Why the confusion, you ask?  Well it may be because when executives research this question, they simply don’t get much in the way of guidance.  For example, a Google search of “who gets executive coaching” doesn’t even show up on the first page of results.

And even such well-known and respected research studies as the 2008 and 2011 Sherpa Executive Coaching Surveys address the issue this way:

“Half the organizations who use coaching allow managers at every level to participate, while an equal number limits coaching to senior managers and executives.”

How’s that for helpful?

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Executive Coaching is Not Therapy or Counseling

Part 2 of Six Truths about Executive Coaching

Girl with TherapistTo address this issue fully it’s important to define what Executive Coaching is, then what Therapy or Counselling is, then compare and contrast them. Now one would think that’s fairly simple — but it’s not! Why? Because when you search for definitions of “executive coaching” you get this kind of namby pamby stuff that applies more to “Life or Personal Coaching” — not to coaching executives within an organizational context! Here are some definitions of “Life Coaching” that illustrate my point:

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The Six Truths of Executive Coaching

Executive CoachingExecutive coaching has clearly come of age.  Given the growth and fragmentation of the industry (meaning thousands of coaches in the marketplace), it is not surprising that many leaders looking for a coach are confused.

And since there is no official voice for the executive coaching industry, there is a need for some truth about this highly talked-about and somewhat mysterious developmental intervention called executive coaching.

rd&partners has been coaching executives in leading world-class organizations for well over a decade, and six  “truths”  have emerged from our professional coaching of over 1,000 executive clients, and reinforced by the perspective of our many clients who have been long-term buyers of our services.   To help those of you who are seeking clarity about the subject, here are the six time-tested  “truths” about executive coaching.

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Priority Setting: "First Things First"

In 1912 a management consultant, Ivy Lee, called on Charles M. Schwab of the Bethlehem Steel Company. Lee outlined briefly his firm’s services, ending with the statement: “With our service, you’ll know how to manage better.”

The indignant Schwab said, “What we need around here is not more ‘knowing’ but more doing, not knowledge but action; if you can give us something to pep us up to do the things we ALREADY KNOW we ought to do, I’ll gladly listen to you and pay you anything you ask.”

“Fine,” said Lee. “I can give you something in twenty minutes that will step up your action and doing at least 50 percent.”

“O.K.,” said Schwab. “I have just about that much time before I must leave to catch a train. What’s your idea?”

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The Truth About Executive Coaching:


The Truth About Executive Coaching:

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