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Leadership Leverage is a weekly radio talk show hosted by rd&partner’s President, Dr. Robert Denker, that provides you with timely & realistic advice on growing your business, hiring & developing top talent, and implementing strategies for customer and employee excellence.

Leadership Leverage covers a broad range of topics, industries and challenges facing business leaders. Guests of the show come from a wide array of backgrounds to bring you a comprehensive and unbiased look into the ins and outs of dealing with the most frustrating and time consuming issues facing your business.


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Strategy requires “Strategic Intelligence.” Do you have it? In this episode, Dr. Michael Maccoby provides us with practical points on what it means to be a Strategic Leader and how one can improve their “Strategic Intelligence.” Based on his consulting engagements, workshops, and university lectures that conducts across the globe, Michael Maccoby discusses the qualities of an effective strategic leader including how to communicate a new strategy to the organization and overcome the natural resistance to change that a new strategy requires of those that follow.

WOO: A Secret Ingredient to Effective Leadership

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Mario Moussa, co-author along with G. Richard Shell, discusses the Art of Woo: Using Strategic Persuasion to Sell Your Ideas. In this episode we gain a practical understanding of how the basic principles of influence and persuasion apply to selling your ideas, effectively leading your team and improving your ability to communicate with impact to mobilize resources across an organization. For more information and to get a copy of the book, go to: http://moussaconsulting.com

The Why of Work — Seven Questions a Leader Should Ask

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Dave and Wendy Ulrich believe the “soft skills” are really the “hard skills” leaders must embrace to attract and retain top talent to their organizations. In their new book, The Why of Work, How Great Leaders Build Abundant Organizations That Win, The Ulrich’s concepts are organized within a framework of seven questions: 1. What am I known for? 2. Where am I going? 3. Whom do I travel with? 4. How do I build a positive work environment? 5. What challenges interest me? 6. How do I respond to disposability and change? 7. What delights me? Listen Now and Learn! For more information and to get the book, click here.

Want to Know the Truth? The Truth About Leadership!

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Celebrated author, educator, and international consultant James Kouzes discusses his most recent best-selling book, The Truth About Leadership. Co-authored with Barry Posner, this book is based on 30 years of research and more than 1 million responses to their leadership assessments, and gets directly at the heart of what leaders need to know to be effective. No-Fads, Heart-of-the Matter Facts You Need to Know to be effective! For more information go to: http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/WileyCDA

What Makes A Boss Great?

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Great bosses have the knack of “staying in tune” with how their followers (and superiors, peers, and customers too) react to what they say and do.

The best bosses are acutely aware that their success depends on having the self-awareness to control their moods and moves, to accurately interpret their impact on others, and to make adjustments on the fly that continuously spark effort, dignity, and pride among their people.

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The Truth About Executive Coaching:


The Truth About Executive Coaching:

An Honest, No-Holds Barred Look At An Often Misunderstood, High-Return Investment In Your Key Talent

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