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Leadership Leverage is a weekly radio talk show hosted by rd&partner’s President, Dr. Robert Denker, that provides you with timely & realistic advice on growing your business, hiring & developing top talent, and implementing strategies for customer and employee excellence.

Leadership Leverage covers a broad range of topics, industries and challenges facing business leaders. Guests of the show come from a wide array of backgrounds to bring you a comprehensive and unbiased look into the ins and outs of dealing with the most frustrating and time consuming issues facing your business.

Necessary Endings. What Effective Leaders Need to Know

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Today on Leadership Leverage we gain a deep understanding of how “endings” are a natural part of business and life and why endings aren’t failures, but necessary opportunities for creating something better. Whether it’s a career choice, a personal relationship or a business venture that isn’t working, it’s essential as an effective leader to know when and how to let go.

Do You Know How to Speak the “Hidden Language?” The Hidden Language of Business That Is!

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Margaret Morford helps us learn about the biggest “political blunders” people make in the workplace—mistakes so damaging that they doom most people to unsatisfying, never-fully-realized careers. She is the author of the business books, “Management Courage – Having the Heart of a Lion” and “The Hidden Language of Business – Workplace Politics, Power & Influence.” For more information on Margaret, go to www.thehredge.net

How Successful Leaders Become Even More Successful

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Marshall Goldsmith shares his insights about how successful leaders can become even more successful. His best-selling book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There is the foundation of our episode today. His articles, videos, and resource pages — all of which all can be accessed on www.marshallgoldsmithlibrary.com — have been viewed by more than 4 million visitors from over 195 countries.

Build Your Personal Leadership Brand

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Given the current state of our economy as many leaders are looking for ways to enhance their “employability” and many more are seeking ways to better “broadcast” their skills and value as a leader. Our dialog today with Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood will center on examining the following questions:

1) Why should establishing your Brand be an integral part of your leadership skill set?
2) What are the specific steps required to build your leadership brand?
3) How can you make your “Brand Identity” real?

Leadership in the Post-Crash Economy

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Richard Florida, Director, Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto and Author of The Great Reset, discusses the implications of leadership as we all look at new ways of working & living in this “post-crash” economy. Florida is one of the world’s leading public intellectuals on economic competitiveness, demographic trends, and cultural and technological innovation. For more information on Richard and to get a copy of his book, go to: www.creativeclass.com

Generational Differences: What Every Leader Needs to Know

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W. Stanton Smith leads us through an informative discussion on how to decode generational differences. Whether you are a Boomer; Gen X or Gen Y; or even a Re-Gen you will learn how to better lead, follow, and become a more effective contributor. His best-selling book…entitled Decoding Generational Differences: Changing your mindset…without losing your mind is the focus of our episode. For more information go to: www.wstantonsmith.com

The Truth About Executive Coaching:


The Truth About Executive Coaching:

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